Snowmobile based arctic winter photography expedition

Spitsbergen nature

At the moment I am not offering fixed date photo tours, but if you are interested in a customized itinerary for a winter-time photogaphic tour of Svalbard, please send me an email. I offer small group trips for up to 4 people, varying from 3 up to 14 days.

There are many summer-time small expedition ship based tours for photographers on the market. I am more interested in Winter photography (February to April) in the Arctic, and in my opinion, the winter time is the most beautiful time of the year here. 

My tours tend to be a mix of landscape and wildlife. If your main goal is polar bear photography, this is probably not the right place for you. If you are looking to experience and photograph the expanse and silent beauty of the Arctic landscape, whilst totally immersed in it, travelling by snowmobile across frozen tundra, mountain, glacier and sea ice, then you have come to the right place.

About me as your guide

I have over ten years experience living and travelling in Svalbard. My favourite way to travel is by snowmobile as it opens up huge, otherwise unreachable, areas for exploration and photography. In my day job I work as a technician for the University Centre here, and in winter I take groups of up to 20 students into nature and keep them safe. In my free time I like to explore, and I can take you to many unbelievable locations.